Meeting Minutes 8-2-10

Here are the meeting minutes; included are what everyone has been delegated to handle for the next meeting scheduled Aug 20 at 5:30:

-Les is working on Winn Dixie bagathon dates for the fall.

-We have tentatively set Sept 10 as a Meet & Greet at the Pavilion for the club’s members.  We need book the date and confirm plan at Aug 20 meeting.  Kaitlin is looking into slip and slide and other things to have there.

-We have Oct 16 instead of Oct 30 set tentatively for a Beach Geology/Haunted Weekend Raffle.  We will confirm that at Sept 20 meeting.  Michele will work with Dr Haywick and the professional geologist involved to come up with 2 geology events for the trip and Tiia is investigating the mystery dinner “surprise”.

-We need legal advice on making campstoves and selling them on ebay and at Saturday football games.

-We need to discuss field trips.  The Colorado trip involves a deposit.  Also, professional geologists from SWAGS have volunteered their time should we want to plan a weekend trip…another potential raffle perhaps?

-Michele and Dianne have been working on the ebay kinks.  Dianne has photographed and catalogued ALL of them and we are awaiting Dr Allison to verify Paypal info in order to begin posting 3 journals as a test. We have 150 plus journals to sell.  Should the tast be too much to manage we will split between the geology club and the Honors Club since both clubs will share profits.

-We have a MASSIVE mineral/rock collection for the club to sell. We could have one a month and market it as “never before seen specimens”.  Michele has been collecting Dr Allison’s throw aways as well as working with the Mobile Rock and Gem Club to sell some of a collection that has been consigned to us to split profits on (with the Rock and Gem Club).

-Things to discuss at next meeting:

-Recruiting lunch date – offer hot dogs and put up a volleyball net to attract geology students and club members.

-Confirm recruiting during first week of classes

-Discuss service aspect component of the club.

-Confirm who will keep website updated.

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